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Bicycle Tours Since 1972

Experience Plus - Bicycle Tours since 1972

Two sisters and a lifetime of adventure

Since Monica's first trip to Italy at age 9 months (when she went skinny dipping at the Lido of Venice) and since Maria Elena's debut as an expert "gelato" consultant in Italy  on tour, at age 5, we have made Italy a permanent part of our lives. 

As a family we traveled to Italy every summer to visit our mother's side of the family. Finally, in 1990 we insisted to our parents, Rick and Paola Price, that we wanted to experience a 4th of July!  So we left for Italy that year on July 5 and stayed 15 months!

Decades of Overseas Adventure Tours

Our parents, Rick and Paola Price, led their first bicycle tour from coast to coast across Italy in 1972. Then, they took a break, had a family (us!) - and it wasn't until 1985 that they decided to continue where they left off and make a life of sharing the world by bike.

Since then our family has taken thousands of people on bicycle tours to hundreds of locations throughout the world. A combined sixty years of overseas adventure tours means we can share - from the ‘strada’ up – as few can.

Once we had completed our graduate studies (Monica with an MA in International Development from American University and Maria Elena with an MBA from the University of Colorado) we were excited to take over the helm of ExperiencePlus! and purchased the adventure travel company from our parents.

Imagine our delight in being able to continue the family tradition and passion for exploring the world from the saddle of a bike.

We did it.

Monica lives in Italy and manages the European and international operations. Maria Elena manages operations from the Fort Collins, Colorado office. We pride ourselves in being among the few adventure travel companies that constantly delves deeper to understand as much as possible about the countries and cultures we visit.   This is still a vital part of the ExperiencePlus! travel philosophy and something that informs our everyday operations.

In 2011, National Geographic Traveler awarded both Monica and Maria Elena Price the Top Ten Guides of 2011 distinction.  Although we are not on every tour these days, we work very hard to make sure anyone who is out on tour representing us and our history and legacy is up to the task - won't you join us?

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